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Visa Requirements - Embassy Information for all countries.

VisaForU.com is a comprehensive Visa knowledge base covering topics related to visa and travel requirements for all countries. You can easily find all countries embassy address and Foreign Ministry's Web site in this site.

  • Transit visa information, Such visas are generally valid for a period of three days for the passage of the third country of destination.
  • Tourist visa information, Of part-time travel, did not allow any commercial activity. Some countries there is no problem with the tourist visa. Saudi Arabia introduced tourist visas only in 2004, even without visas pilgrims.
  • Business visa information, to engage in business. These visas are usually to prevent the long-term employment, and work visas will be necessary.
  • Temporary worker visa information, to Allow the employment of the host country. These are usually more difficult, but business visas valid for longer than that. For example, these are the United States H - 1B visas and L - 1 visa.
  • On-arrival visa Information, Approved with immediate access to the country, such as at the airport or border controls. This is separated from the do not need visas for all, as visitors must also obtain a visa before they can even try through immigration. Spouse visa, the spouse of the approval of residents or citizens of a particular country, to allow his wife to settle in the country. Examples include the United Kingdom, the European Economic Area family permit. Some visas are approved to reach the earlier application or by the country's embassy or consulate, or occasionally through a travel agent with the license issued by the country and the nation starting. If there is no embassy or consulate in their own motherland, and then must go to a third country (or apply by mail) and try to obtain a visa issued. Need or lack of the necessary visa usually depends on the applicant's nationality, the duration of the suspension of the future, as well as the activities, the applicant may wish to visit in his country; these may be formally identified different categories of visas, different problems.
  • Student visa information, Allows its holder to study in institutions of higher education in the country. eg Students in Algeria, however, issued a tourist visa.
  • Working holiday visa information, Contributions from programmers people who work holidays, which allow young people to accept temporary work when traveling.
  • Diplomatic visa information (sometimes official visa), usually apply only to holders of diplomatic passports. Courtesy visa issued on behalf of foreign governments or international organizations who do not meet the standards of diplomatic status, but the value of the acceleration, as well as courteous treatment.
  • Journalist visa information, some of these countries need in the travel, the occupation of their individual news organizations. States will stick to this, including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, the United States (a visa) and Zimbabwe..
  • Marriage visa information, obtained prior to the limited time available, it is intended to confirm the basis of marriage and living in the destination countries. Germany, for example, who needs his wife to marry an American man will receive a marriage visa, also known as K - 1 visa, allowing it to enter the United States.
  • Immigrant visa information, approved for those who intend to emigrate to this issue. They generally issued as a single visit to the determination of holders, depending on the country, and later it issued a permanent identity card, which will allow visitors to enter into a country of issuance of an unlimited number of times. Case, the United States Permanent Resident Card.
  • Special Category Visa information is a visa approved by the majority of Australia New Zealand citizens in Australia's future. New Zealand citizens may be permanent residence in Australia's cross-Tasman travel agreement.
  • More Travel visa Requirements and Embassy Information... wikipedia.org
  • Immigration - US Immigration assistance, download immigration forms and learn about the US Immigration system.At all levels in the history of immigration, as well as modern tourists and illegal immigrants in the country, called the discovery of the so-called transition of immigrants and immigration is not in violation of immigration laws. The seasonal migration of labor, non-pregnant women in a year (usually one year of the time), and fewer than one-time consideration, often moving. In civil law, and the concept of citizenship and immigration, and the development of the modern. Citizens of the state, the inalienable right to live in a country must meet the technical requirements of the immigration and residence of non-citizens. The establishment of a national political issue: the definition, and sets, race and culture, and the country of repatriation. Migration throughout the world, in the face of all, and a relatively low altitude. The integration of refugees, and the International Association of the world's population in 2005, an estimated 3 percent to 190 million dollars, and move abroad. The Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia in a small area, and the West Indies in 2005, the highest proportion of the population, migration is part of the landscape part of the record of the statistics of the United Nations. To the International Organization for Migration, said that immigrants from all over the world today, more than 2 billion people. Europe, which was held in 2005 and 70.6 in the largest number of migrants in the latest year data is available for 10000 people. Immigrants in North America more than 45100000, and the second in Asia, March 25, and 100 million dollars, as the host country. Today, migrant workers from Asia.
  • VISA BULLETIN OBTAINING THE MONTHLY VISA BULLETIN, Travel State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs to provide monthly Visa Bulletin on the Internet global network. Internet address to access the bulletin.Visa bulletin provides valuable information for immigration.Visit the desired visa bulletin.

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