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Third-country visas for foreign

Pakistan foreign citizens can only apply for a visa to their country of origin or legal permanent residence. Visa applications from third countries of origin will only be determined by the Ambassador / High Commissioner / Head of Mission / Consulate.

Business Visa

Entry visa to the task

Mission is authorized to provide a period of five years (more than) a visa within 24 hours for the following 69 countries in the production business visa on the list of documents below. Long live every three months.

  • A letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Foreign CC & I in their respective countries.
  • Invitation, formal business organizations recommended by the relevant Trade Organization / Association in Pakistan
  • A letter of recommendation from an investment adviser Honor BOI / commercial importance of the mission overseas.

The list of countries friendly business

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain Belgium Bosnia Herzegovina,  Brazil Brunei Canada Chile China Cyprus Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt and Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Indonesia Iran Ireland, Italy and Japan. Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithonia  Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Mauritius Mexico Morocco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Oman Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Tajikistan Thailand Turkey Turkmenistan UK, USA,  Ukraine,  United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan Vietnam

Diplomatic missions abroad could be given one month validity period and remain (more than) an entry visa for the remaining 120 countries (with the exception of Israel) In addition to produce the necessary documents on the applicant's own country or place of residence of the law by Ambassador / High Commissioner / Head of Mission only the following criteria:

Applicant owned company an international reputation. And Meet the standards required in the list of countries that effective sponsorship from Pakistan.

Visa work

Pakistan mission abroad has been allowed to work in sectors that provide entry visas to foreigners with the recommendations of the Board of Investment for the year (more than) the effectiveness, scalability, based on the year in Pakistan. Investment Commission will process visa applications quickly in four months, and suggested that the Ministry of the country authorized to visa-related missions.

Visa under the auspices of the Secretary General Committee of the Board of Investment BOI approved visa received through the company working in Pakistan.

Visa advice, but issued by the Ministry of the country's mission in the foreign country in accordance with the recommendations of BOI case of fresh entry visa and passport regional office (characteristic), the visa extension.

Extension of three months after the temporary work visa, investment promotion proposed commission will approve the characteristics of the Ministry of the country.

NGOs visa

Embassy of the right to provide short-term visa for foreigners who have a week with non-governmental organizations in Pakistan.

Visa long-term, non-governmental organizations must register the Government of Pakistan. Under such circumstances, the task is to refer to the prior approval of foreign applications for visas by the Ministry to provide the country.

If the extension of visa, a registered non-governmental organizations can be directly applied to the Ministry of the country which in turn empowers the pro and cons associated with the approval of the extension of visa, if all the formalities have been fulfilled.

Tourist visa

Pakistan mission abroad has been allowed to access / tourist visa valid for a period of 3 months and to keep the two foreigners to enter the list of 175 countries.

The pro and cons of extending a tourist visa that has been authorized to six months period, including the initial period of visa and forgive delayed 15 days to pay for the cost of a visa are required to pay a minimum of $10, we have only.

Deputy Commissioner of the northern region Gilgit & Skardu have been authorized to allow the three-month visa extension and re-entry into the area north of tourists, the cost of visa fees in accordance with policy.

Travel Group, through travel agents who are appointed

Visa on Arrival (VOA) will be allowed to stay one month duration, and (again) to a group of tourists following the 24 countries of tourists (Taiwan votes) directed through the tour operator in Pakistan subject to the following conditions: --

First, this case will be submitted through designated / authorized the use of tour operators;

Tour operator will also be related to the effects of tourists who will be their responsibility, they will not be delayed more than illegal valid visa;

If necessary, the same tour operator will be applied to extend the visa before the end of a maximum of 30 days, and

Tourism-related service to send out a report for the visitor to confirm that they are practical to leave the country.

Missionary work visa

Early to give a visa / extension of the missionary Christian missionaries working in Pakistan with the Ministry of the country.

Not to give entry visas to foreign missionaries hope that the task of opening new or strengthen existing ones to be involved in missionary activities.

Foreign missionaries can apply for a visa to enter Pakistan through a mission abroad which will be referred to the situation, the Ministry of the applicant with the following documents: --

  • visa application form, completed the two images.
  • Computer Performance.
  • Letter missionary organization, to prove that he is a member of an organization that is useful, accept full responsibility for her maintenance, boarding / lodging and return the case of repatriation from Pakistan is very important.
  • Declaration to respect and comply with the law Pakistan and he will no longer themselves in internal political and comply with all provisions of Pakistan.
  • Biological data, in the last 10 years.
  • a photocopy of the card, her level of education diploma / certificate (with English translation, if necessary).
  • a letter from the organization in Pakistan's invitation, said the missionary workers.
  • full details, again shown on the exact date of the last export, and the position of a visa, along with a copy of the passport photo shows the last page of the final cancellation of the visa, and the United Nations the use of a visa (if any).

Department views the country, has officially by the provincial government clearance mission repeatedly into a visa for one year.

Missionary workers have to submit a visa extension has expired the previous month visa to the nearest regional passport office. In this case, the document provided by the command, visa extension for two years, to return to 2 years (not applicable to India) will be given attention RPO.

Student visa

Requires students to receive education and the Ministry of Education. Student visa is approved, the state oil company by the Ministry of Education / Division of Economic Affairs / Department of Health (as the case may be) and the respective foreign missions in Pakistan's national security and inspection.

Olympics security permit entry visas given to students in overseas mission for three months, for one project.

Foreign students in Pakistan issued a visa to the appropriate student visa / visa and return to the one-year extension. The same procedures apply to foreign teachers, the International Islamic University, Islamabad.

Entry without a visa to visit Pakistan

Pakistan visa abolition agreements with 36 countries. Hold foreign diplomats, officials and ordinary passport holders from the following countries to enter Pakistan without a visa described in one month to three months. At the end of the period to extend the visa will be required through the Ministry of the country.

Brazil, Germany, the Republic of Greece, Mexico, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, romania , Russia, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Western Samoa, and Zambia.

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Pakistan Country Information

  • Pakistan Population: 162,419,946
  • Pakistan Land Area: 778,720 sq km
  • Capital City: Islamabad
  • Languages: English(official),  Sindhi,  Urdu,  Pashtu,  Balochi,  Punjabi,  Siraiki,  Hindko,  Brahui,  Burushaski
  • Religions: Christian, 77% Muslim (mostly Sunni), 20% Muslim (mostly Shiite), Hindu, 3% other
  • Pakistan Government: federal republic
  • Date of independence: 8/14/1947
  • GDP: $347.3 billion (2004 est.)


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Pakistan Visa Information
Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information Pakistan Visa Information